The day Margret Thatcher resigned

Yes that is clearly Andi Peters but being that I was quite a young boy at the time it is my biggest memory of the day that the Iron Lady resigned.

Children’s BBC was moved from BBC1 to BBC2 which meant that it all looked different and in my mind very brown. At the time I couldn’t work out why the prime minister resigning led to the broomcupboard getting a completely new set.

In later years I learnt that the Broom Cupboard was not a studio but the continuity booth used for all the announcements on BBC1 so naturally when they changed channels they changed the physical location too. Today a bigger question is why was Andi wearing a BBC Sport polo shirt.

I saved the tokens, I got the book and I learnt that Margaret Thatcher was the only female PM we had had.

As for Margaret Thatcher, a few years later I was reading the list of prime ministers at the back of a Weetabix Encyclopedia and remarked to my parents that she must have been really good to come to power, I let you imagine what reaction that got…

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