Fiendish Feet

A yoghurt from yesteryear. When you’re a little kid the only thing that really mattered was how cool the yoghurt pots were. Fiendish Feet had legs so won hands down.

You have to hand it to the marketing team at St. Ivel (remember them?), its as though someone came up with getting the youghurt pots legs while someone else came up with spooky faces for the pots themselves and they just put the two together.

Each had their own face which was usually something frankenstien-esque with a suitable scary name to go alongside them and support the idea of them being fiendish.

Spooky Wooky was not really the greatest of names.

They appealed to me as a kid and not just at Halloween, which was never as big a deal then as it is now. They seemed to go away for a bit (or at least I wasn’t consuming them) then came back with little stumpy legs but no feet to really speak of.

It was all about the pots, come to think of it I am not even sure I was that keen on what was in the pot.

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