Square satellite dishes

Way back when Satelitte broadcasting was the next big thing I remember the dishes popping up on the outside of people’s homes. I think those people liked displaying them as some sort of status symbol but I was only around 5 at the time so I just noticed their aesthetic awkwardness.

Then there were the small square ones. They seemed like a novelty but then I suppose spotting satelitte dishes did to me back then, but I think we saw more big round ones than square ones.

There is a complicated story behind why some dishes were small and square (officially known as Squarials) but it comes down to their being two companies trying to provide satelitte, they then both merged and became Sky.

Big Dish, Little Dish

There are still some Squarials around, not providing any use other than sparking my childhood memories out dish hunting. There used to be one I’d pass fairly often until recently, and a little bit of me was sad when it was finally taken down.

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