The Racoons

The Evergreen Forest, quiet, peaceful, sareen, that is until Bert Racoon gets up and so a million Saturday mornings began.

The Racoons came from Canada but over here they arrived on Saturday mornings just before Going Live. The storyline revolved around the good guys (the racoons) Bert was the main focus but a bit haphazard.

His life would be peaceful except for Cyril Snear… the bad guy who almost always was up to no good and something that would affect the other Racoons but fortunately his son was Cedric who happened to be friends with Bert and therefore the good guys would always win.

Cyril Sneer, an evil Aardvark

Cyril and Cedric incidentaly, were meant to be Aardvarks but they fall into a long line of Aardvarks that look nothing like the real thing, they’re pink with bendy noses, Otis The Aardvark and Children’s BBC puppet had fluffy ears and Arthur from the titular cartoon has no nose at all.

Back to the Racoons and not forgetting the three pigs that were Cyril Sneer’s henchmen and the dog friends of the Racoons, there was certainly a lot of wildlife in the Evergreen forest.

But overall the series was enjoyable it charmed me as a kid on a Saturday morning and when they replaced it with (Lois and Clark) The New Adventures of Superman it didn’t really have the same appeal, at least Live and Kicking would show the Rugrats.

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