The Day the BBC One balloon took flight

It was a Saturday in 1997 and I’d been watching Live and Kicking as was the norm. I sat through the trailers looking at this logo staring at it and thinking to myself how old fashioned it looked then up came the announcement into the news and there it was an orange and red balloon.

At the time I was just starting to really get into TV branding and noticing it far more than I ever had. BBC One had used a numeral as a logo and a really abstract spinning globe but this new balloon, complete with its atmospheric sound track just seemed so dated an boring.

It’s big, red and orange

But then it wasn’t designed to appeal to an 11 year old particularly. What it did do though was give the channel a mascot of sorts, the balloon was a real thing and it flew over real locations in hindsight it was a smart was to move on from the spining globe that had been in use for decades.

While I didn’t think it that great at the time that balloon was a strong identity and memorable to the point I can remember where I was and the order I watched things happen in the day it arrived.

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