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The London bombings

It’s hard to think that it has been 15 years. 15 years ago I was going to London a lot. I had friends up there and was planning a move that way. On that day though I was closer to home.

I’d hope on a train for some shopping in Portsmouth and all seemed normal until I went past the shop window of Dixons and the breaking news was streaming on the screens.

I decided to hope back on a train home, which was just as well because for a while there were no trains anywhere. Once home I switched on the TV, hopped on the computer and watched the whole thing unfold before my eyes.

It was horrible to see and naturally my first thoughts were for friends and family in London who might be caught up but there was also a sense that this day was always going to come.

Ever since the terror attacks in New York we knew London would be on the radar but that didn’t stop it being any less tragic or shocking.

Almost immediately defiant images from all over London started to pop up stating ‘we are not afraid’ and I took that stance I was back in London a week later and on those same tube lines.

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