Fun House

It’s wacky, it’s fun, it’s outrageous… well actually I’m not sure if it was outrageous but that’s what the opening lines of the theme tune said. Starting at the end of the 80s and through the 90s, Fun House was possibly the gameshow kids wanted to be on the most.

It had slime and gunge, a grand prix with real petrol go-carts and the final round in a giant fun house – OK so it was essentially a giant Wacky Warehouse. But it had prizes, it had twins and it had Pat Sharp.

Pat was the host, his sidekick was his dodgy mullet hair cut until he saw sense and chopped it off. The twins were Melanie and Martina and seemed to be constantly hyper on sugar. They were the cheerleaders and score keepers.

Pat and the twins

Although the kids going through the fun house was meant to be the grand finale (understandable given that was the title of the show) it was the go-carts or the Fun Cart Grand Prix that I certainly enjoyed watching it for.

Let’s rerun the fun as Pat would cheesily say…

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