Walkers Bring Me Back

Back in 2015 Walkers jumped on the ‘vote-for-a-flavour’ bandwagon. The flavours during the Bring Me Back campaign were all flavours from the past.

I will usually try out limited edition flavours like this, if they intrigue me at least. But the reason this sticks in my mind is that I became totally obsessed with the toasted cheese flavour.

Apparently they were a regular in the 1980s but I i don’t remember them. As for the taste, well yes they tasted of Toasted Cheese, basically a cheese flavour but without that cheesiness you get with with cheese flavour things. And that last sentence shows you why I’m not a food blogger.

Other flavours in the campaign included Lamb&Mint which I think I tried, Barbecue and Cheese & Chive which don’t appeal to me and the eventual winner Been & Onion.

I’d really love to taste them again and see if it was just a fad for me or if they really are as nice as I remember them. I suspect its somewhere between the two.

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