Bob and Margaret

Bob and Margaret was an animation about a fairly ordinary British couple. It was an adult cartoon, although you couldn’t call it the British answer to The Simpsons it was an amusing show.

It originated on Channel 4 but also aired on the long-gone Freeview channel FTN. I’m not entirely sure which of the two channels I saw it on first as around the same time as it was on FTN it was also on (very) late on C4.

The premise was that Bob was a dentist and Margaret was his wife their lives were pretty vanilla but usually a few over the top situations would arise. They had no children but in one episode they were looking after someone elses.

This could easily be my house right now.

Another episode saw them taking an elderly relative to see someone’s grave only to find a supermarket built on the graveyard with the tombstones now being lined up along the carpark wall.

The whole series changed when its funding moved from being joint British and Canadian to just being funded by Canada. As a result the couple moved to Canada which made it a bit more quirky – a British couple in Canada.

Overall it was their dynamic as a couple and the mundane situations they found themselves in that made it entertaining and very much relatable. It wasnt laugh out loud funny but still worth a watch.

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