Sunny Delight

Sunny Delight was a new drink that launched in the late 1990s. Coming in from America it had an advert which was terribly cheesey but work as a call to action for kids to try this new product.

It also had another clever marketing trick, its tagine was ‘The great stuff kids go for!’ which implied that it was a healthy drink, plus it was orange in colour so basically orange juice.

My mum bought some for me to try. There were too varieties the one with orange lid and the one with the yellow lid. I’m not sure what the flavour were now but in my mind the orange was orange juice and the yellow was a citrus-orange juice. I prefered the latter.

It was everywhere in the supermarket sitting next to the chilled juices. It was a fresh product and came in a weird shaped ‘American’ style bottle. What’s not to love.

The two varieties.

I did like the taste but I do remember after having just one glass I would feel a bit queasy if I drank anymore I felt outright sick and that’s no wonder…

Sunny Delight was neither healthy or fresh. It was a mix of sugars, oils and syrups with a bit of natural flavours and it had a thick consistency, in fact although it tasted nice i completely see why it made me feel sick.

Then it started getting bad press as slowly people began to realise they had been dupped into buying it. Personally after the first month of trying it I don’t remember having it again, probably due to the affect it would have on me.

Then came the reports that some children were turning orange due to the amount of the stuff they were consuming, the colouring in the drink having that affect on them. Then it just went away as a huge PR disaster.

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