The Real Ghostbusters

I knew the Ghostbusters films as a kid. You couldn’t really escape Ghostbusters as it was one of those things that was really big with children. I could be mis remembering but one Halloween I am sure I remember my cousin having a proton pack.

But personally it is the animation which came after the film that I have more vivid memories of not surprising, as there were a lot more episodes and I was a lot more free to watch that being that it was aimed squarely at me.

The premiese is the same as the film, they’re a team of ghost hunters who travel round in their odd car Ecto 1, which had a weird siren as I recall.

I don’t think I really made the connection between the characters in the cartoon and the film being the same. I remember thinking that Egon looked really weird and had no sense that he was in fact based on a real person.

Being an animation allowed for a bit more creative freedom and being aimed at kids the humour could be pushed a bit more and sometimes other boundaries too.

The real premiere?

It was ‘The Real’ Ghostbusters because there was already an animation called Ghostbusters but in one brilliant episode the whole universe got turned upside down and the cartoon characters went to the premiere of the film on which the series based. Fantastic.

And let’s not forget Slimer their friendly ghost who stole the show most of the time, for me at least.

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