Rex the Runt

This offbeat animation aired in the 6pm ‘cult’ slot on BBC 2. The premise was a bit bonkers but with this sort of animation you’d expect that. The series focused on a gang of claymation dogs who were housemates.

Rex was usually the one to come up with the plans. Bad Bob was the scary one and Wendy was the only female. The there was Vince who was like the family pet, he would break out into random bursts of opera.

For me though, t best thing was the guest characters. It seemed as though people you wouldn’t normally expect to voice characters on a show like this were more than happy to appear

Mr Formal, Rex’s Bank Manager.

Stars like Bob Holness who appeared in one episode as the bank manager which was completely unexpected and random but brilliant.

The series was one of those you just don’t see anymore. Utterly offbeat and not aimed a children but no aimed at adults either. It fitted into that slot on BBC2 well.

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