This was a Nickleodeon Nicktoon. But I didn’t have that channel, or anything beyond Channel 4 for that matter, so my first taste of this animation was from Saturday mornings.

Rugrats was the ‘main’ cartoon on Live and Kicking from its launch. It was brilliant. The premise (particularly with the early series) was a kind of secret life of the toddler.

The main protagonist was Tommy Pickles, a baby who was a bit of a hero. He led a gang of toddlers who had adventures based on their understanding of the world.

The famous final scene from the opening titles, Tommy taking centre stage.

Tommy would undo the playpen with a toy screwdriver – brilliant. His closest friend (and cousin) was Chuckie – ginger with thick rimmed glasses, probably Ed Sheran in his youth. He was a wimp.

The antagonist was Angelica who was a couple of years older and would ‘look after the babies but essentially get annoyed with them or disrupt their plans. She was the only youngster who could talk to the adult characters.

Speaking of the adult characters, they were brilliant too. Funny, over the top but with enough adult humour to keep the grown ups watching along interested.

The whole show was well made and brilliantly observed. Later series introduced other characters and the quality of the show began to decrease and as I was moving rapidly out of its target age it no longer appealed.

There was one brilliant episode, All Growed Up, which led to a follow up series called all grown up. It imagined all the characters 10 years later.

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