The Bigger Breakfast

When the summer holidays arrived someone at channel 4 had a genius idea of cashing in on the success of The Big Breakfast but wrapping it around the usual summer kids/teens programmes.

While it was hosted from the usual house and had the same raucous crew the hosts were almost always not from the main programme. Presenters included Mel Sykes, Ben Shepherd, Jose D’arby and Dermot Oleary.

I’m also fairly certain that Ant and Dec hosted it on a few occasions and if I remember correctly they met the writing team that would carry their career forward to new heights. This may also have been the first time they used Ant and Dec rather than PJ and Duncan as their moniker.

The bulk of the morning was filled with programmes including the likes of Saved by the Bell, Pugwalls Summer and the Crystal Maze which were staples of the channel at the time.

Proof that Ant and Dec hosted The Bigger Breakfast.

There were also sometimes programmes new to the channel. I didnt have access to Nickleodeon at the time and the UK comedy-drama Renford Rejects was a favourite of mine at the time.

The show closed in true Big Breakfast fashion with a phone-in competition often involving the big swimming pool at the back of the house.

When the main programme was revamped the Bigger Breakfast was dropped in exchange for the same programmes but under the T4 strand, by then I had slightly outgrown them and had far more to do with my mornings.

But either way The Bigger Breakfast was definitely my choice of summer holiday viewing and was integral to my adolescent school summer break.

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