Pepsi Network Chart

This is a two part memory for me. I first remember listening to the commercial radio chart show when I was quite young. My Sunday bath would be running and my dad would be listening to the chart, turning it up when I was in the bath so I could listen.

I wasn’t really bothered by music at this point, there weren’t any artists I particularly followed as a kid and while my dad was a massive music fan (he used to do mobile discos) he would often play non-chart music.

But subtly that exposure to chart music I would listen to of a Sunday evening became ingrained in my head and listening to some of the big hits now can take me right back in time to my childhood.

But it was as I entered my teens that I started to purposley tune into the Pepsi Network Chart show which aired across commercial radio stations hosted by Neil Fox who at the time went by the moniker of Dr. Fox – no idea why.

While I got on with whatever I was doing of a Sunday afternoon the music would be playing and I would judge each one based on how it sounded but there was a wide variety, until you got to the top 10 when suddenly it was back to the same old songs played on commercial radio.

I began to pick out songs I liked but I never bothered with recording them to cassette. Once I had a computer at home and discovered (illegal) music downloads I started to build my own music library and have come to realise how varied my musical taste is.

Perhaps it is so eclectic because I used to listen to the entire chart show each week. I stuck with the Pepsi Network Chart woth #Doctor Doctor Fox# until it ended. It was replaced by the Woolworths Big Top 40.

I switched to listening to the chart show on the BBC at that point.

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