The Krypton Factor

I remember loving The Krypton Factor when I was a kid. The show was about finding the fittest and smartest person, or Super Person of the Year in host Gordon Burns’ own words.

There were four contestants who each wore their own clothes but in their ‘team’ colour. There were several rounds each designed to test a certain strength.

The opening round as I remember it was an assault course, it wasn’t glamorous but it looked like it would be huge fun. The female contestants always had a slight head start to keep it balanced. In particular the ‘s’ bend sticks in my mind because it was a series of twists created from wooden logs and looked claustrophobic.

Getting wet tackling the assault course

There was an observation round where there would be a short scene, sometimes this was be an ongoing drama. There would be an intelligence test, usually some sort of physical puzzle.

The show would end with a general knowledge round, the answers of which would lead into the following question. This was something lost on me when I saw the series originally but I picked up on it when the series was repeated years later on Freeview channel Ftn.

The highlight was the semi-finals which saw an aircraft simulator which at the time was very exciting but I imagine would look a bit laughable now. I’m fairly certain there were a fair few crashes.

I loved the show as a kid even if I didnt fully understand it. As a child I could easily work out the puzzles and cheer on an obstacle course.

Nice try, but no.

The whole show was relaunched in the mid nineties and was nowhere as good. No surprise that after one series it was axed. ITV attempted a revival in the 2000s but it didn’t really work or feel as good as the original, it was all a bit generic.

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