I started this blog as the effects of lockdown took hold and there really was a bit too much time on my hands. I’m not sure if I thought three months later and I would still be at it and while I’m not sure very many people are reading it I am still enjoying it so I plan to continue.

The most popular posts I have written have been about television so I think I may begin to focus more on that as I go forward – I’ve watched a lot and I really do have many memories, not all of them fond which I would like to share.

When I started this I made it a rule that this blog was for my memories, so no researching (beyond googling for images) and I plan to stick with that rule, but I do want to put a little more effort into the posts I write and hopefully make it more interesting to read.

Over the next four weeks the posts on this blog will have a breakfast theme. Don’t worry I won’t quite be stooping to blogging about what cereal I had this morning, but I started writing about my memories of the Big Breakfast then realised I have quite a lot of memories of that and from there it bloomed.

From there, who knows. I will try and keep to regularly posting three times a week, perhaps I’ll even manage it for another three months?

Thanks for reading,

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