Mad Lizzie

Preschool Ben has many happy memories of getting up and joining in with Mad Lizzie. That’s how she was always known. The fitness person on TV-am who wasn’t really massively mad beyond being eternally happy.

Her workouts were simple and fun and I think that is my overriding memory. Getting up off the sofa early in the morning with my Mum and joining in with this overly cheerful lad and some minor pop act that had been pushed on to join in.

She was fun and bright and never really stopped smiling. When TV-am went off air so did she, for a bit. Then she had a go a pre-school children’s fitness show which I never saw as by then I was an in-schooler.

She could certainly pose!

A couple of years ago she appeared on Loose Women. Not really looking any different and yep still smiling.

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