Stoppit and Tidy Up

CBBC 1988

For years there were lots of little animations that ran on CBBC, usually for one short series but repeated constantly. The one I personally remember best was Stopping and Tidy Up.

You could argue that it had an underlying good message about waste, it even ended with the Keep Britain Tidy logo. In reality though it was just a load of bonkersness – a new word I invented.

Tidy Up doing a spot of Gherkin Gardening.

Tidy Up was generally the more sensible of the two. He loved his gherkins and spent time growing them in his garden. Stoppit meanwhile was smaller and more annoying, always causing mischief for poor Tidy Up. He lived in a rubbish dump.

They lived in the land of Do As Your Told and each of the episodes focused on a different character alongside Stoppit and Tidyup. Each had a name typically associated with phrases that parents would typically shout towards their kids.

There was Comb Your Hair, Wash Your Face, Hurry Up, Go and Play (with his favourite toy), Calm Down and Not Now. The two bees – Bee-habe and Bee-quiet. Go to Bed, Don’t Do That, Eat Your Greens, Clean Your Teeth and the big bad I Said No! Introducing the characters took up a full minute of each five minute episode.

The whole thing was narrated by Terry Wogan who was very much the star of television at the time. His job was to tell the story as all the other characters didn’t speak and only made noises. Terry did so brilliantly with parental tones but his own distinct style.

Can’t imagine who they styled Clean Your Teeth on.

Tidyup had a distinct shout complete with very wide open mouth which probably was the main draw for me – don’t forget I was only a toddler the first time I saw it and things like that tend to appeal.

The series was animated by Charles Mills and Terry Brain who were also responsible for the more widely remembered Trapdoor on ITV. That was animated using clay models yet it’s easy to see the similarities in character design.

The techniques used to animate both series were revealed on a certain disgraced TV presenters Cartoon Club series. It was fascinating to see how one of my favourite childhood series was actually made.

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