Milkfloats (and milkmen)

The electric motors in traditional milkfloats have such a recognisable sound. The whiney hum that they would produce, occasionally the rattle of the milk bottles too.

Very much long gone from most of the streets of Britain but when I was you g they were everywhere. The milkman delivered your milk, it was the only way you could get milk.

Our milk was delivered by Express dairies, I know this because I remember the distinct E logo on the glass bottles. Their depot was only around the corner from my home so that milk didn’t really have far to come.

The milk was delivered every morning but I remember the milkman coming around every other week on a Friday afternoon for the payment. I couldn’t work out as a kid why he wouldn’t deliver the milk and collect the payment at the same time.

The idea of having milk delivered daily has almost died out. As someone who works in the early hours of the morning I can confirm there are still milkfloats, but they look like vans and don’t have that distinctive noise, in fact they have almost no noise at all.

A modern day milk float. It looks like a regular van but is earily quiet.

I’m not sure where having milk delivered became the exception rather than the rule, it feels like it happened suddenly without notice, almost overnight but I imagone it happened at the same time we began to accept buying clothes in supermarkets.

Then there is the fact that we now live such face paced 24 hour lives that the notion of waiting for you milk to be delivered, or even a traditional morning routine seems like a quant idea from ‘the olden days’ but I don’t really consider my childhood to qualify as that, not yet at least.

My first mobile phone

We all have phones in our pockets thesedays, I’m typing this into my phone right now. But we all have to start somewhere and my phone as you can see above, was a brick.

It was also splashed with Coca-Cola because it was a free giveaway when you collected 60 ring pulls or tokens. The thing is I wasn’t drinking that much coke back then so I’m not sure who was but either way it was my first phone

The shiny silver panel did look cook but you couldn’t really hide the fact that the phone was chunky. It did calls and it did texts and came with a one2one pay as you go phone sim.

Big box. Big phone.

At the time I didnt know that many people with a phone so it didn’t get used that much and in truth I probably didn’t really need a mobile phone at all.

The best feature was the Coca-Cola ringtone which matched the advertising of the time but typically for a phone of that time it soon got annoying

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