Inspector Gadget

Not an obscure one at all, I’m sure there are loads of people who remember Inspector Gadget. Go Go Gadget Arms…

Gadget was a robot uncle to Penny, I’ve really understood the backstory there but she always called him Uncle Gadget. He was a bumbling police inspector who would try and solve crimes but mostly really it was Penny who would do the solving and then put herself in peril.

Penny, Brain and Inspector Gadget, he was always enthusiastic about everything.

Gadget naturally was there to assist her but was oblivious to the danger to her and himself and so it would be the pet dog, Brain who would typically save the day.

The main enemy was Dr. Claw who always promised “I’ll get you next time Gadget… Next time…” with a very raspy voice and of course he never did.

For me a personal memory of this was it being shown daily on CITV in the mornings during what I think was my first ever summer holiday. I think that because I distinctly remember feeling like it (and Inspector Gadget) had been going on forever.

The theme tune was good too and I didn’t regret making my kids sit down and watch it with me more recently on Netflix…

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