My first mobile phone

We all have phones in our pockets thesedays, I’m typing this into my phone right now. But we all have to start somewhere and my phone as you can see above, was a brick.

It was also splashed with Coca-Cola because it was a free giveaway when you collected 60 ring pulls or tokens. The thing is I wasn’t drinking that much coke back then so I’m not sure who was but either way it was my first phone

The shiny silver panel did look cook but you couldn’t really hide the fact that the phone was chunky. It did calls and it did texts and came with a one2one pay as you go phone sim.

Big box. Big phone.

At the time I didnt know that many people with a phone so it didn’t get used that much and in truth I probably didn’t really need a mobile phone at all.

The best feature was the Coca-Cola ringtone which matched the advertising of the time but typically for a phone of that time it soon got annoying

Tab clear cola

Who knows why clear Cola even needs to be a thing but in the 1990s it was. Apparently in America there was Pepsi Crystal but over here we got the Coca-Cola variant, Tab Clear.

I remember it, in particular my Mum buying it. As I have mentioned before fizzy drinks were a rarity for me in my childhood years but other than it tasting like Cola it wasn’t exactly an exciting drink.

Given the package design I can only imagine that this was aimed at the dieting market, because if it is clear it must be low calorie right? Either way I don’t remember it being around for more than a year.

When Cherry Coke looked like this…

This can takes me back. It was the mid-90s and I was just entering double figures. I was on my first away from home school trip and in the canteen area there was a vending machine. If I remember correctly it featured this same design.

Fizzy drinks were for me something I would only have as a treat, they were a real rarity. But here I was away from home, with spending money and sure enough by the end of the week I was hooked.

I can’t say for sure that this was my first taste and the flavour of Cherry Coke is definitely a bit Marmite, you either love it or hate but I am definitlely in the former and in my head I link it all to this can design.

A can of Cherry Coke

Why Coca-cola used such an off-brand design is a mystery but it certainly appealed to me at that young age and the vivid design is still sitting vividly in my memory today.

These days of course it is Coca-Cola Cherry and fits in with a ton of other flavour combinations all look the same and perhaps less appealing to the ten year old still in me.

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