Dennis the Mennace and Gnasher

I’ve already covered the Beano and described how, for a brief time it was my comic of choice as a kid. Naturally when it’s cover star was made into an animated series I was all over that.

The characters were straight from the Dennis and Gnasher strip, Dennis was the rebel kid, Gnasher was in on it but spoke only in ‘Gnash Gnash’. Mum was slightly mad (just like my own mum) and Walter was as soppy as ever.

Most episodes were standard Dennis fare, he would come up with some sort of rebellious plan and eventually pull it off.

One episode that sticks in my mind particularly was the one featuring the then presenters of Blue Peter Katy Hill and Stuart Miles. The making of was also featured on the programme itself.

This episode sticks in my head particularly because they used a previous Blue Peter theme tune, probably as the dustbin lids of stomp would have jarred a bit amongst the cartoon music.

The series stands up well and the more recent animated series probably owes a lot to this one, personally I think traditional animation suits Dennis best but then he is straight out of a comic book.

The BBC didn’t own the series and it was often repeated on the Fox Kids channel, to the point where it was almost the only thing on the Fox Kids channel. Thesedays all episodes are avaliable on YouTube.

The Beano

I think I probably missed out on the golden age of comic books for kids. But as a child in the 1990s there were still two big names to choose from. The Dandy with Desperate Dan as a lead character or The Beano.

I was a Beano reader. I’m not sure I had a massive input in that, I think it was just one of those things that happened I was asked if I wanted a comic and ended up with the Beano.

The hero of the Beano was of course Dennis the Mennance who was meant to be a bad boy although by the time I came to the Beano I was aware that his antics were more like old-timey schoolboy japes than what the real Dennis’ of my generation would be up to.

Dennis being the cover star always got read by me, the same applied for Minnie the Minx, who was essentially a female Dennis and she was on the back cover.

Only 40p what a bargain.

But here is a confession, I don’t really remember a lot of the inside comic strips. I like to write this blog using only my memory, of course I can do a search and find something that would jog my memory but I honestly don’t remember the inside pages.

I think i would like to be someone who now pour passionately over my childhood comic collections, but I never really got into it. I always admired the art of comics but never really got into the stories.

I know back then as a kid I thought it would be cool to collect comic books, who knew aspiring to be comic book guy would be a thing. Of course the Beano wasn’t really Marvel or DC but as a kid I didn’t appreciate that.

But the reality is I have collected memories, many of which are cartoons from the TV. Dennis did make it to TV, for that matter I am convinced that Desperate Dan from the Dandy may have done similarly too.

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