Pop Tarts

I remember Pop-Tarts being the big new thing. A biscuit style base with a sweet filling, chocolate, jam and im pretty certain apple that go in the toaster.

Naturally through pester power I managed to get them added to the shopping list as a treat. They were different and I’m pretty certain always disappointed me.

Purely from memory the biscuit tasted like hot cardboard while the fillings were too sweet and sickly. Oh and extremely hot! Burn your mouth hot.

The cardboard biscuit layer.

I don’t think we often bought them but in my head I always really wanted them all the same. They are still avaliable, tucked away in the corner of the cereal aisle. There is only one or two varieties now.

I’ve not tried them out on my kids and I don’t think I ever will. For me they’re something sugary and burny and while I probably loved the idea of that as a kid I don’t so much now!

Kellogg’s Toppas

Shredded Wheet but with a frosted topping on top that was always bound to appeal to kids. I loved them and I also didn’t mind their sister product Rasin Splitz either.

Still avaliable if you look in the right shops.

Topas didn’t go away but they did change their name to Frosted Wheats and have been avaliable to this day, although they seem to be becoming more and more scarce which is a shame!

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