The ITV Chart Show

In many ways this was ITV’s answer to top of the pops or perhaps a way of capturing the MTV experience in an hour on Saturday Mornings.

The programme featured music videos from the various chart toppers if the week. There was on screen information alongside which when I was younger only the animations were of interest but as I grew older the information contained within was somewhat of interest.

The on screen graphics and information from the mid-90s straight from an Amiga computer.

The programme was a constant throughout my childhood as my Dad was a big music fan and missing it was probably unthinkable. Even as I got older and watched Live and Kicking it was rare I ever got to see the phone-in at the end of the programme.

The chart show is the kind of programme I would probably appreciate more now than I did then only with the same songs they used to play. As a child music was not so important to me, least of all chart music.

As well as the main singles chart – it was the Saturday Chart and therefore often differed from the main chart on Sunday, there were other charts like the Indie Chart and Album Chart.

The graphics would often change but the format was stellar. Top of the Pops 2 owes a lot to the programme. Eventually it was Ant and Dec and a live music programme, CD:UK that would see the programme end.

Just incase you couldn’t tell with the Twix logo all over the title sequence.

Bonus points for the well integrated Twix sponsorship at the start.

Haddaway – What is love

This song take me back to my youth and the school disco days because it was always played. I think too it was played a lot as one of the biggest dance tunes of the year it was released.

Even now when I listen to this track it takes me back to those schoop disco days, the pic and mix sweets and the hot sweaty school hall. I imagine if you’re a little bit older than me your memories might take you to a different place but it remains one of my all time favourite tunes.

Dance music had been topping the charts for a good few years and there are certain tracks that take me back to that period in my life but at the time I was just a bit too young to appreciate it outside of the school discos.

Around the same time Mr. Bobby was also topping the charts and that was possibly where my musical tastes were at the time. Still, What is Love is a choon!

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