Maid Marian and her Merry Men

Tony Robinson wrote and started in this kids comedy series. He was the sheriff of Nottingham and pretty much constantly trying to outwit and seek revenge on Robin Hood and his band of men.

Brilliantly the traditional story is turned on its head. Robin, traditionally portrayed as the hero of the piece is instead a vien, self-obsessed and slightly dim-witted character.

This means the Merry Men really have a different leader and the fair maiden Marrian from the original story is instead portrayed as as a straggly, Tom boy. She makes for the perfect foil to the sherrif’s antics.

One of my personal favourite episodes featured a Crystal Maze spoof. Brilliantly executed down to Robin Hood revealing himself as bald just like Richard O’brien and wearing similar attire.

Who should have replaced Richard O’Brien

The series was one of my favourite as a small child but towards the turn of the millennium CBBC gave it a repeat run and I can confirm that the humour travelled well. There are jokes for all the audience in a way you don’t see from things primarily aimed at children anymore.

The humour ranges from juvenile and purile to being genuinely very funny

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