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Bewitched (Board Game)

This is not about the 1960s American TV series about, or the Irish girl group. This is actually about the board game that you probably won’t recall.

In truth when it comes to the actual gameplay I don’t recall all that much detail. But there were witches hats and I think the playing pieces were frogs.

So instead of detailing this board game and what I thought of it. For this Halloween I would like instead to share with you a cautionary tale of sneaking and assumptions.

The board game’s game board.

The truth is that I can remember playing this game with my cousins. It’s fair to say that it’s probably a game that was aiming towards a more female player. Remember this was the early 90s and there were girls toys and boys toys and we were cool with that.

But this was a game that I ended up receiving for a birthday. Its quite possible that I really enjoyed playing it at the time but I don’t think it was the most sought after boardgames and I would imagine that I would remember more than I do if it had been.

However, I did it get as a gift and I was really pleased. Because when I was about 7 or 8 I had known that I would be getting it for my birthday.

This was not some childhood mystic hocus pocus. I was snooping in my mums wardrobe and saw the game in there. Of course that was my present I knew it.

I remember what happened next vividly. I can even remember where I was when the following conversation occurred.

My mum asked if there was anything anything that I wanted for my birthday and my response was an excited ‘Bewitched’. No suspicion from my mum, she just asked if there was anything rlse I wanted ‘Just Bewitched’ was my response.

Of course she must have known that I had seen something in somewhere I shouldn’t but in my child’s mind non of this was obvious. I was literally like the child with his hand in the biscuit tin, all innocent yet caught red handed.

A little frog spell book.

Now looking back almost 30 years ago (yikes!) I suspect that the game probably wasn’t even intended for me and was probably actually a gift given to my mum by a relative because witchy things are very much her thing.

Not calling my mother a witch or anything. Anyway, moral of this story is don’t sneak a peek, or don’t make it obvious you have. Or maybe don’t share such a personal story with the Internet and expect it to be interested. I don’t which maybe there are no morals at all.

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