The Priory

Sitting in the 6pm slot on Channel 4 around the turn of the millennium, The Priory would reunite Zoe Ball and Jamie Theakston on screen after their Live and Kicking days.

The show was a slightly anarchic mish-mash of features. A bit like Live and Kicking but aiming at an older audience. Produced by the same company as TFI Friday, in some respects you could consider this a follow up.

There would be guests, I have no memories of any in particular but the usual fair you can expect attempting to plug their teen related shows. There was usually live music at the end and there would be regular features.

One feature I remember would be slightly controversial now, Jamie presented a segment that revisited letters written in to Jim’ll Fixit but ultimately went unfulfilled and the show would then fulfil them. I think there may have been a Jim Didn’t Fix It medal too.

Another, completely random feature was a live link up with broadcasting legend Fred Dineage who I think was live hosting some sort of quiz or game or other pointlessness, his appearance(s) was plain bizarre.

Zoe and Jamie in bed together.

The programme had a Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim theme tune which makes sense as he was topping the charts at the time and was Zoe’s other half.

The Priory will never go down as an iconic bit of broadcasting but it was the kind of TV show you just don’t get thesedays. It was entertaining enough if you were

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