This is not the character from the Beano, although I think the original American title was also Dennis the Mennace. He also wore black and red, but favoured dungarees over a sweater.

This cartoon first appeared early mornings on Channel 4 in The Channel Four Daily and it carried over to the Big Breakfast. It’s animation style looked dated even then but the stories were solid enough for a kids show.

Dennis was a typical little rascal who was up to no good and usually terrorising his OAP neighbour Mr. Wilson with the help of his gang of friends.

In the early 90s the animation was adapted into a live action movie, which I went to see at the cinema. This was also the first time I saw the show credited as Dennis the Mennace.

Not as good as the animation

I didn’t go much on the big screen adaption, to me it felt a bit more cruel and a bit less juvenile which is something the animation had, a juvenile innocence.

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