Remember those days where TV stations would make a little announcement after the end of a programme to make you aware of what would be coming up after the adverts? Well this post is a bit like that. In other words, here are some things you can expect to see soon…

So last month all the posts were focused around breakfast. Because as I’ve gone along writing about my memories I have come to realise that one thing follows through to another. So you can expect a bit more of that.

In the next few weeks I have a collection of posts about classic kids gameshows and sticking with a kids show theme I’ve got a series of posts about Puppets of the past.

I’ve also begun writing posts on my memories of sitcoms. Something I’ve held off until now because there is a danger the blog might end up being about those and nothing else. To begin with I’m trying to stick with the lesser known series that I enjoyed at the time.

The focus will continue to be mainly on my memories of old TV because I’ve come to realise they are the memories we are all most likely to share but I will be writing posts about other things from time to time.

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