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Walls Bangers

When is a memory not a memory? So back in the early 90s Walls introduced their Walls Bangers which were Sausages in breadcrumbs. Because not only were Walls a well known ice cream brand they also did Sausages, still do.

Now I’m certain I will have had these but I have no recollection of them, I remember the advert but not the product itself.

What this memory actually concerns is a different product. Round, coated in breadcrumbs but fish-based. The reason I recall it was because it was absolutely disgusting. They used Pollock, which is your go-to fish for non cod/haddock products.

They were vile and the memory has always stayed with me and I have always stayed away from fish products bar the occasional battered haddock at the fish and chip shop.

I’ve had plenty of foods I didn’t like but I think the reason I was so revilled by the round fish finger was that I had been expecting them to taste just like the round breaded Sausages did.

Also can we just take a moment to appreciate that Walls advert which was so beige just to match how the product looked on the plate. I dunno why that looked so appetising as a kid.

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